Data Innovation Talk

2023 Program

Grow your Data Innovation Know-How

Welcome to Data Innovation Talk! Our objective is to Grow Your Data Innovation Knowledge & Experience. We organize DITalks that deliver actionable insights:

Also, we record every Data Innovation Talk and make them available on-demand. 



Claudio Truzzi
Senior Executive

" is a technology hub focussing on helping Brussels emerge as the ICT Heart of Europe. Actively participating in the Data Innovation Talk program as a strategical partner is a powerful way to achieve this."

Desiree Timmermans
Data Innovation Talk

"With the Data Innovation Talk, I aim to help grow your data innovation know-how. Hence, we discuss data innovations, technologies, and their significant impact on societies, organizations, and individuals: how does it change the way we live, work, interact with each other, do business, and help make the world a better place?"

Nathanaël Ackerman
AI4Belgium Lead

"As the largest community of AI players in Belgium, AI4Belgium is proud to actively help design an inspiring Data innovation Talk program full of outstanding speakers and actionable insights!"


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Data Innovation Talk